The most important thing I learned is that soldiers watch what their leaders do. You can give them classes and lecture them forever, but it is your personal example they will follow.
General Colin Powell


Preston Rich

Commander - Air Force

Katie Ballio

Senior Vice-Commander - Army

Jim Benotti

Junior Vice-Commander - Army

Lavern Terbl

Quartermaster - Army

Richard Niedenfuehr

Adjutant - Army

Darrell Hartley

Chaplain - Navy

Cindy Unerfusser

Surgeon/Service Officer - Air Force

Lezlee Sydlowski

Judge Advocate - Navy

Ray Richardson

3 Year Trustee/Inspector - Navy

Joe Hayes

2 Year Trustee/Chair Hospital/National Home - Army

Jerry Hinton

1 Year Trustee - Army

Jimmy Coker

Chief of Staff - Army

Barry Cox

Deputy Chief of Staff/Chair Buddy Poppy - Air Force

Doug Brown

Chair Community Activities/Citizen Education - Army

Venus Emerson

Chair Voice of Democracy - Navy

Bel Small

Chair Patriots Pen - Army

Robert Rouse

Chair MAP/Homeless Veterans/POW/MIA - Army

Shane Stone

Chair Safety Recognition/Teacher of the Year - Army

Curtis Mitchell

Chair Youth Activities/Scouting - Navy

Jeff Beasley

Chair - SVA Liaison - Air Force

Shenna Lawless

Chair Women Veterans - Army

J. Bart Ford

Officer of the Day - Army


Linda Harding


Judy Rettig

Senior Vice-President

Mona Benotti

Junior Vice-President

Kathy Stanley


Diane Hinton


Tina Gregory


Shelly Rule


Lisa Sieger


Vicki Johnson

1 Year Trustee

Rheanell Nell

2 Year Trustee

Cindy Robertson

3 Year Trustee

Vicky Dickerson

Deputy Chief of Staff